Saturday, January 16, 2021

Nashville Radio: WGFX's "Midday 180" Hosts EXIT for OutKick

Midday 180 Hosts EXIT WGFX To Join Clay Travis


The hosts of one of the premier sports talk radio shows in Nashville signed off on WGFX 104.5-FM The Zone on Friday.

"Midday 180" hosts Jonathan Hutton, Chad Withrow and Paul Kuharsky will not return to the Cumulus-owned station. Instead, the show's hosts are joining Clay Travis' website. 

The radio hosts will not take the show's "Midday 180" name with them, Travis told The Tennessean

Hutton, Withrow and Kuharsky signed off after nine years with the station Friday for their final show, which has aired weekdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. across Nashville.

Travis said adding the trio to Outkick the Coverage was a big step he is taking to expand his network in 2021. "I know talent and I think that they have as good of a show as there is in the country," Travis said.

"The (Midday 180 hosts) have been doing it for nine years now at The Zone and they just have a great show," Travis said. "To me great shows cut across markets. Obviously, people in Nashville aren't going to be the only people listening to them. We've got a big audience at Outkick and I think the Outkick audience is going to love the show that they put out." 

Each of the Midday 180 hosts tweeted statements about their departures from The Zone.

The departure of "Midday 180" comes five months after the station cut another popular show — "The Wake Up Zone" with hosts Mark Howard and Kevin Ingram.

That show had been on the air 16 years and also featured Blaine Bishop as a host. Bishop remained with the station joining Ryan. 

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