Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cox Media Group Launches Reimagined Newspaper Websites

Cox Media Group (CMG) is unveiling a bold new look for its free newspaper sites, starting with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC.com).

Each month, AJC.com receives more than 15.5 million visits, making it the most powerful local digital brand in the Atlanta market and one of the strongest brands in CMG’s portfolio. The sleek new design helps readers connect with what’s happening in Atlanta right now. It’s the latest move in CMG’s digital evolution to meet the needs of readers and advertisers.

Mark Medici
“This is not a simple redesign of an existing website; it’s part of a long-term digital strategy that bolsters our entire portfolio,” said Mark Medici, AJC Vice President of Audience and CMG Group Lead. “We are presenting stories in a unique way with a focus on what's making news right now and what Atlantans are talking about. This encompasses visuals and social integration in supporting the ‘Atlanta Now’ user experience.”

New features also include:
  • A bold visual design that allows readers to quickly navigate the site and easily access other products in the AJC portfolio.
  • An enhanced mobile experience that more closely matches the desktop version.
  • New neighborhood features that make it easier for readers to find information from close to home and allow advertisers to target specific geographies across Atlanta.
  • Topic pages and special sections also enable advertisers to align with specific content and consumer passions. “We are thrilled that the new site incorporates the needs of our advertisers by offering new premium sponsorship and native advertising opportunities. This helps them build richer and deeper connections with our large Atlanta audience,” said Moya Neville, Senior Vice President of Sales for the AJC.

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