Friday, August 3, 2018

Sarah Sanders Lashes Out At Media Abuse

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders took her long-running feud with CNN’s Jim Acosta to a new level during Thursday’s White House briefing, blasting the media for personal attacks against her and accusing the press of debasing the discourse in America.

The press secretary was responding to similar allegations leveled against President Trump. Specifically, Acosta asked Sanders to say whether the press is indeed the “enemy of the people,” as her boss has controversially claimed, after Ivanka Trump broke with her father on the statement at an Axios event earlier Thursday.

“I think it would be a good thing if you were to say right here, at this briefing, that the press … are not the enemy of the people. I think we deserve that,” Acosta told Sanders.

Sanders pointed out that President Trump has “made his position known,” before the CNN senior White House correspondent interrupted – resulting in Sanders and Acosta talking over each other. From there, Sanders launched into a point-by-point rebuttal.

Acosta didn’t approve of Sanders’ response and took to Twitter to express his feelings.

“I walked out of the end of that briefing because I am totally saddened by what just happened. Sarah Sanders was repeatedly given a chance to say the press is not the enemy and she wouldn't do it. Shameful,” he wrote.

Tom's Take:  Time for CNN to reassign Jim Acosta.

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