Thursday, August 2, 2018

President Congratulates Rush Limbaugh On Anniversary

President Trump made an unexpected phone call into conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh's show on Wednesday to congratulate the host on his 30th year of broadcasting.

According to The Hill, the call was a jovial, free-wheeling conversation.  The two spoke at length about the economy, immigration and why Trump believes shutting down the government in September could ultimately be a positive for the GOP, despite little support for the move within the party.

Much of the conversation focused on the pair discussing Trump's accomplishments in the face of staunch opposition.

"You have a lot of bad people in Washington," Trump remarked. "You knew that a long time ago. Frankly, before I knew it.

"I had no idea how evil some of them are, but you have a lot of great people too," he continued. "And outside of Washington you have the greatest people in the world."

The two men reveled in the low unemployment and high gross domestic product numbers that Trump has overseen in recent months, despite having what Limbaugh called "seemingly the entirety of Washington’s political class opposed to you."

Limbaugh later asked the president if he has taken to leaning on advice from his close advisers in the White House, or if Trump is "still following your gut?"

"Well, I think it’s largely instinct. I have some great people. I really do," Trump replied.

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