Thursday, August 4, 2022

Ads Airing In Middle Of Podcasts Is Double-Edged Sword

Podcasts continue to grow their prominence in the audio ecosystem, with annual podcast reach in the U.S growing +13% YoY.  And, with more exposure comes more insight - particularly when it comes to learning about how podcast consumers view advertisements, reports Luminate.

Over two-thirds of podcast consumers feel ads are acceptable, but only as long as the content is free. When it comes to advertisement Recall & Favorability though, there are several fascinating scenarios. Podcast listeners say they are most likely to remember advertisements from the middle of an episode / show, but also say they are the least favorable. If you’ve ever listened to a True Crime podcast, for example, your ears might have perked up when it went from describing a grizzly murder to trying to sell you on a high-end shampoo. Unlike ads in the middle of a show, ads that are comedic or musical have higher favorability among listeners, but those listeners also say they're less likely to recall the advertisements.

Still, opportunities from all types of advertisements exist. Over one-third (35%) of podcast consumers intend to buy a service or product that they hear about on a podcast in the near future, which is especially true for Music Podcast Fans who are 32% more likely to do so than the average podcast consumer in the U.S. Additionally, about half would be glad to see an advertisement for a local business on their favorite podcast.

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