Friday, May 15, 2020

FM Music Listeners Still Want Pandemic Updates

Many tasked with economic recovery this week have been  cheer-leading a fast return to “normal” while healthcare experts are urging caution. Ultimately, consumers – and your listeners – will have the final say about the pace at which we get back to business as usual.

NuVoodoor Research thought it a good idea to update their most recent webinar, “Covering and Recovering from COVID-19”, with the latest from our ongoing nationwide tracking study. Each day sees a sample of at least 2,000 persons 16-54 nationwide.

68% in the sample maintain a higher-than-moderate level of concern, though extreme concern has waned from its earlier peak. Meanwhile, while we are all eager for listeners to return to their commutes and workdays to restore PUMM levels, the percentage of those who say things should start opening fully or at least with precautions has grown only slightly.

A cautious attitude and an appetite for information remains prevalent among most listeners. When NuVoodoo asked people what they most want to hear on their favorite FM music stations, the appetite for pandemic related information has remained strong, with 64% suggesting at least hourly updates on local Coronavirus information.

Since their late April webinar, NuVoodoo prescription has remained the same: short, well-curated hourly updates of local Coronavirus information, extra emphasis on reduced commercial loads and contesting that focuses of paying bills, emergency expenses or helping others.

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