Monday, February 10, 2020

R.I.P.: David Treadway, Longtime Arkansas Radio Personality

Longtime Arkansas radio personality David B. Treadway, 69, of Arkadelphia, passed away Friday morning due to complications of cancer.

David Treadway
A veteran broadcaster and musician, he was among the original air staff of campus radio station, KSWH. With his unique voice, wide vocabulary, and quick sense of humor he soon found paid part-time work at KVRC Arkadelphia, KXOW Hot Springs, and KAAY in Little Rock.

In 1971 David accepted a fulltime position at Top 40 KAAY 1090 AM in Little Rock working under the name of Doc Holliday.  He was the seventh and final announcer to use that air name. By the mid-seventies he was using his own name. Through the years his voice streamed from several spots on the dial including KLAZ, KLIT, KARN, KKYK, and KSSN. His most enjoyable time was on the morning show at Country KQUS US97 in Hot Springs, which he joined in 2013.

Friend and colleague, Scott Charton, wrote: David B. was the quickest wit and the most unflappable behind a mike and control board. He had an acute ear for audio perfection, encyclopedic musical knowledge, and his string skills as a bluegrass artist were beautiful. David B. put on no airs, was comfortable in his pink and purple socks, and was proud to hail from Friendship, Arkansas.

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