Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chicago Radio: Dick Biondi Tells What Radio Forgot

Dick Biondi
In an interview on NPR’s ‘All Things Considered', iconic Top 40 Personality Dick Biondi says the radio industry forgot the first word in ‘show business’.  He added, radio only worries about the second word.

Biondi currently hosts late evenings on Cumulus' WLS 94.7 FM.

The legendary 81-year-old personality also admits he’s been fired 25 times and talked of his most memorable firing at Buffalo’s Top40 WKBW 1520 AM in 1960: 
BIONDI: Probably the most significant firing was in 1960 at WKBW in Buffalo. I was doing my show and the owner of the station, he came into the studio, and he walked in, and he said what are you doing? You're the worst disc jockey I've ever heard. You don't follow rules. You don't play this. And I didn't know what to say. 
And he said now I'm going downtown to see a movie at the Buffalo Theater, and you better shape up. So he walked out, the record that was playing ended, and I got on, I said my boss just walked in and told me that I'm a terrible disc jockey, and he's driving down Main Street right now in a gray Chevrolet Impala convertible. 
BIONDI: So if you see it, throw a stone at him. And wouldn't you know it, some kid put the size of an orange stone right through the windshield, and the next morning I was gone.

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