Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Heated Kellyanne Conway Calls CNN's Jim Acosta 'Smart Ass'

Jim Acosta
President Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway got into a verbal smackdown with White House nemesis Jim Acosta of CNN — calling him a “smart ass” when he asked her if Trump would be honest in Tuesday’s Oval Office speech on border security.

“Can you promise that the president will tell the truth tonight? Will he tell the truth?” Acosta asked as Conway spoke with reporters about the speech outside the White House.

“Yes, Jim, and can you promise that you will?” Conway replied.

“I will. Absolutely,” answered Acosta.

“The whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. Am I allowed to mention God to you?” Conway needled Acosta, whom the administration has accused of grandstanding during press briefings, prompting another dig from the CNN correspondent.

“I’m not the one that has the alternative facts problem like you do. Will the president tell the truth?” he said, referring to Conway’s infamous description of former spokesman Sean Spicer’s false claim that attendance at Trump’s inauguration was the highest in history as “alternative facts.”

The exchange with Acosta starts at the 5:35 Time Mark:

“Make sure that goes viral,” Conway taunted as the spat — playing out in front of multiple TV cameras — grew even more heated.

“OK,” Acosta retorted, as Conway got personal, essentially saying that no one liked Acosta.

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