Saturday, January 12, 2019

Seattle Radio: KIRO Drops Ron & Don For Candy, Mike & Todd

'Bye Guys
The Ron & Don Show is no more.  The popular talk radio show aired weekday afternoons with hosts Ron Upshaw and Don O’Neil, reports Q13 News.

KIRO 97.3 FM announced the news Friday morning in a Facebook post — stating that Ron & Don had hosted their final show Thursday night.

Later Friday, KIRO 97.3 FM announced The Candy, Mike & Todd Show which would air weekdays 3 – 7 p.m. starting Monday, Jan. 14.

“This is an exciting moment in the continuing evolution of KIRO Radio,” says Dave Pridemore, VP/Market Manager for Bonneville Seattle Media Group. “We feel that Candy, Mike and Todd will bring a variety of fun, entertaining and diverse perspectives that best represent the communities that KIRO Radio serves.”

“We’ve put together what we feel is a winning team,” says KIRO Radio Director of News and Programming Ryan Maguire. “Candy, Mike and Todd are a fun, entertaining and intelligent trio. They will be a perfect complement to the news, traffic and weather elements that KIRO Radio listeners expect every weekday afternoon.”

Candy Harper most recently served as the afternoon producer on KIRO Radio. She came to the station in 2015 as a traffic reporter and held roles as a weekend and fill-in host as well. Harper grew up just Southeast of Seattle on Lake Sawyer, where she got the itch to do radio at a young age. Prior to coming to KIRO Radio, she hosted successful shows at radio stations in Madison, Charlotte, Albany and Seattle.

“I can’t wait to get started,” says Harper. “Mike, Todd and I are three opinionated friends who may disagree on almost everything but love to talk about why. Turns out, people are quite capable of disagreeing on issues and still being decent human beings. This show is going to be unique.”

KIRO 97.3 FM (55 Kw) Red=54dBu Coverage
Mike Lewis has worked at KIRO Radio as a reporter and fill-in host since 2016. Originally from Modesto, California, he moved to Seattle in 2000 when he began working for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer as a politics and policy reporter. Locally, he has also worked as regional editor for AOL’s Prior to living in Seattle, he spent eight years working for McClatchy Newspapers, and two years working for the Los Angeles Daily Journal.

“This is a great opportunity and I’m excited to work with Candy and Todd,” says Lewis. “Listeners can expect a show that is authentic, relatable and well-informed. Hopefully, we can provide listeners with something that makes their commute home a little more enjoyable.”

Todd Herman has been the afternoon show host on KIRO Radio’s sister-station KTTH-AM since 2015 and worked as a fill-in host on both KIRO Radio and the nationally syndicated Rush Limbaugh Show. A Spokane native, Herman has a vast background in broadcasting, technology and politics. Prior to KTTH, he worked in Washington D.C. as the Chief Digital Strategist for the Republican Party. Additionally, he started the MSN Video business unit for Microsoft and founded the first internet radio network, The Dial.

“This job is a dream come true for me,” admits Herman. “One of my goals in life is to be a force for bringing people together and to lend a genuine, conservative point of view to major media. I feel this show will truly do that. Candy, Mike, and I view life very differently. If you don’t want to live in a bubble, you’ll enjoy what the three of us have to say.”


  1. Done with 97.3. Don't care about the three amigos taking the place of two men who actually cared for their community. I will be looking for the station that hires Ron and Don.

  2. You will NEVER be able to even begin to fill the HUGE shoes of Ron and Don. I listened to you for about 2 minutes the other day and turned to a different station. What a travesty.

  3. I think fans of the Ron and Don show deserve an explanation of why they were terminated. Ron and Don offered two different but valid takes on popular issues. Their show was insightful and entertaining. They will be missed. You're foolish to let them go.

    1. Yes, an explanation please. After this many years on the air, KIRO should let us know what's up! Otherwise it shows hiw little they care about their listeners.
      I FOR SURE will never listen to this station again!

  4. I enjoy John and Curley Show, Dori in doses, but I guess I'll be the dissenting voice here on Ron and Don. Not sure which guy was Ron or Don, but I couldn't listen for very long to the one with the deep voice. His humor was juvenile and the constant interruptions were annoying. I do appreciate their support of charities and law enforcement however.

  5. Listened to the candy etc show. Mike Lewis is intelligent, sharp, witty and current. Todd Herman not so much. He sounds like the typical old white out of touch man. Candy plays well with Mike Lewis. She will come into her own. I’m giving them a chance, but so far, it falls flat.

  6. Strong kiro listener for many years, I drive for a living listening all day. I actually quit listening after 3:00 over a year ago as I began to disagree more often with many of the opinions that were being discussed. Hunting for the opening in front of the "log truck" in traffic was my last attempt at revisiting the show. Traffic is bad enough and everybody doing that is mostly selfish and creating a delay that becomes artificially worse than it would be or needs to be. I believe that was irresponsible broadcasting and yes I took it personal as well as some of the political views. I didnt organize a protest at kiro, I simply exercised my right to change the channel and did at 3pm. On the other hand credit where due, amazing community outreach and support. They were the instrumental part to so many of the miracles taken to the Ron and Don Nation, hats off and kudos gentlemen and to all a part of those great successes!

  7. all I would like to know is why were ron and don fired and what plans (if any) do they have for their future

  8. Will it ever end? I so dislike the Candy Todd and Mike show. Thier voices are so unpleasant..such fake sincerity..UGH!! Hopefully the station will see that and drop them ASAP..enough to the guy with the daughter in treatment. Give her some privacy not your constant pseudo psychologist inputs.

  9. still have not turned on this show and will not. I have talked to several others and they do not listen either. Wonder how the rating are so far???

  10. Agree that Ron and Don brought humor, grace, intelligence and compassion to the airwaves. I'm with the woman who said "Kiro, you are dead to me"...and will add: Kiro (Fredo), On the day you visit our mother I want to know a day in advance so I will not be there..."

  11. Please bring Ron and Don back, they are missed!!!