Saturday, April 25, 2020

Wife Of CNN's Chris Cuomo Treated Herself To Clorox Baths

Cristina Cuomo
Experts are warning the public about alternative remedies Cristina Cuomo says she and her family used during their fight against the novel coronavirus, USAToday reports.

The Cuomo family has been hit hard by COVID-19, which first struck CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, then Cristina and recently their 14-year-old son, Mario. The couple share two other children.

Cristina Cuomo's recommendations, including baths using disinfecting Clorox bleach, which the cleaning product company has specifically warned against,  have received criticism from medical experts.

On CNN's "Cuomo Prime Time" Friday, Chris Cuomo did not mention his wife during an opening monologue ridiculing President Donald Trump floating the idea of studying injection of disinfectants as a treatment for coronavirus during a Thursday briefing. On Friday, Trump said he was being sarcastic.

"Instead of selling us on a well-thought-out plan to reopen so we can get on the page, what are federal officials doing today? Warning us not to poison ourselves with household cleaners. Why? Because of what Trump said and meant," Chris Cuomo said at the start of Friday's show. "Heaven forfend, this president just take responsibility, just take it back. Trump floated it seriously, not sarcastically, and now he’s trying to spin it. It's the same thing every time. Double down on dumb."

Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert and one of Cuomo's interview guests, said the president's "disinfectant remark really gave me a chill" because of the toxic properties when taken internally. But he issued a broader warning about unproven treatments.

"My e-mail inbox gets all kinds of suggestions from well-intentioned people about all kinds of interesting ideas they have for treatments," he said. "None of those have been studied carefully, so we need to be very circumspect about what it is that we do in order to try to prevent these infections as well as threat them. We need to be conservative and rest on the science."

Cristina Cuomo, the founder of the health and wellness platform The Purist , recently shared health updates on her family's recovery on her blog, crediting a number of unconventional methods with their improvement.

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