Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Denver Radio: Peter Boyles Still Off KHOW

Peter Boyles
Longtime Denver radio talk show host Peter Boyles is still off the air after last week's suspension following a "heated physical exchange" with his producer.

Jon Caldera has been filling in on Boyles' morning talk show on KHOW radio since the May 23 incident. Caldera will be on the air again Wednesday morning. Sources tell 9News they have fill-in guests for Boyle's show through Friday.

Last week, 9News reported how coworkers of Boyle observed red marks on producer Greg Hollenback's neck within the minutes of the argument, which happened during Thursday morning's broadcast of the Peter Boyles Show. (See original postking, Click Here). Hollenback is known on-air as the "Sheik of Cherry Creek".

Boyles and Hollenback have worked together for about two decades. The sources wished to remain anonymous because they were not authorized to speak on the matter.

ClearChannel issued the following statement Thursday: "This is a personnel matter. Out of respect for our employees, we are not commenting at this time."


  1. Please come back Peter, I listen to you every morning at work :-(

  2. Please, please, please bring Peter back. Otherwise, KHOW isn't worth listening to.

  3. That's very true. Why I listen to KHOW is because of Pete. Hopefully, he'll appear somewhere else on the air. Greg must have really pissed Pete off for it to come to blows, or a grab-by-the-neck.