Tuesday, November 14, 2023

L-A Radio: Ken Chiampou To Retire From KFI

Ken Chiampou, half of the long-running and tremendously popular “The John and Ken Show” airing weekdays from 1 to 4 p.m. on KFI (640 AM), is hanging up his headphones. 

He announced the decision to retire at the start of the program Monday, Nov. 13th. Chiampou will leave the show on Dec. 6th, at which time the other half of the show — John Kobylt — will go solo.

“I am saying goodbye,” said Chiampou at the top of the show. “After very little thought, this is what I’m gonna do.”

Well, maybe a little thought. The move was not totally unexpected, according to Richard Wagoner writing for The L-A Daily News.

“I mentioned it to one of my sons who’s in his twenties,” said Kobylt. “He goes, ‘Wow, wasn’t he talking about that when I was in elementary school?’”

Together since 1988, they made a name for themselves at WKXW when they went after New Jersey Governor Jim Florio on the air for passing a tax hike. The coverage caught the attention of listeners throughout the broadcast area, and helped propel them to the top of the ratings.

In 1992, the duo moved to Los Angeles to take over afternoons on KFI. Except for a roughly two-year period at KABC 790 AM, they have called KFI home for the past three decades.

“Ken is such a talent!” exclaimed KFI programmer Robin Bertolucci. “He has the unique ability to add information, wind John up, cool him down, and keep the show on track. Their chemistry is true magic!”

Unlike some teams that grow tired of each other, they remain friends to this day, write Wagoner.

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  1. I guess I’ve followed them from the East coast and always enjoyed their conversations and opinions. It’s an end of an era! But when someone is ready to retire- you have to let them give it a try. I only hope he is as bored as my husband was- and he went back to work. I bet Ken will be back too. I give him a year. lol. One can hope! 😉. Enjoy your time off Ken. We love you!