Tuesday, June 25, 2013

R.I.P.: Radio Personality Bruce Bradley Passes At 79

Bruce Bradley
A voice very familiar to long-time KMOX listeners, Bruce Bradley, has died. The 79-year-old passed away Saturday in Lake St. Louis, according to the KMOX website.

“There’s a number of people, a small handful if you will, who are so deeply remembered as personalities on the radio,” St. Louis Historian Frank Absher told KMOX. “It was fitting he was on KMOX because KMOX was such a powerhouse in the eighties.”

Absher said Bradley reinvented himself when he came to St. Louis and was paired with Anne Keefe.

“Few people realized until he mentioned it that he had been a top 40 disc-jockey in Boston for a while,” Absher said. “What we got to hear wasn’t some canned or rehearsed radio personality.”

“(He was) a real person with a quick mind, and a wonderful wit; just a funny funny man.”

Bradley’s booming voice filled the KMOX airwaves from 1986-1992.  His career stops include: WBZ 1030 AM Boston, WCAU 1210 AM Philadelphia, WHN 1050 AM NYC, WYNY 103.9 FM NYC.

The official cause of death is not known at this time.  Funeral arrangements are pending.


  1. I was saddened to hear about the passing of Bruce Bradley - he was a unique radio personality....smart, quickwitted and entertaining. I listened to him on WBZ while a student at Boston's Emerson College- he was all the rage there and everyone knew "juicy Brucie"....and years later in an ironic twist...I worked with him at WHN...what an extraordinary opportunity for me. Another great radio voice has been silenced....my sincere sympathy and thoughts are with his family.

  2. We've lost a great professional. Radio came to him as second nature. Always smooth, great wit, terrific to work with. I had that opportunity at WCAU. Bruce was a gentleman in the truest sense of the word. A very quick mind, well-versed in many subjects, and a wit to match. He was one of the many reasons coming to work at CAU was a joy. One of the great top 40 jocks, he transitioned into talk and news radio seamlessly. I'm grateful for having the chance to work with him.

  3. It's 3 months later but I just learned of Bruce Bradley's passing. He was a power house dj in Boston when I was young. His energy made me dream of a career in radio for many years. His wacky sense of humour still lives in my daily attitude that life should NOT be taken so seriously that something funny can't be squeezed out of the most mundane situations. Hats off. Rest In Peace Mr. B. The 1st and perhaps only, chapter of TEKELO, turns another page. (Treat Elephants Kindly, Especially Lady Ones)

  4. It's 3 months later and I've just read this sad news. Bruce was a power house DJ in Boston when I was young and an inspiration for me as I dreamed of a career in radio. It never took place but his energy and humor stayed with me and he will never be forgotten. WBZ at the time had clear channel capabilities that allowed it's signal to reach beyond the Pacific coast. At one time, they were the number station ON GUAM ! A true pioneer, Rest In Peace, Juicy Brucie.

  5. Bruce was our co role model Stan Musial was the other. we couldn't have had 2 greater ones and now we have lost both of them in less than 6 months.

    I know that when the two of them meet in heaven they will both have a lot of stories to exchange about us.

    God bless both of them and hold them close.God now has 2 of his best creations in his heavenly home.

    Rusty and Russ

  6. He was a really good friend during the 60's and 70's when I lived in Boston. Later photos of him made him look so emaciated and sick, that I feared he either had AIDS or cancer. He was skeletal. But, we had a great friendship. I had always wondered what had become of him. I will miss him.

  7. He was my favorite DJ on 'BZ. He always made me laugh. He was part of a great line up on 'BZ.

  8. I listened to Bruce Bradley every night as a teenager in the Washington, D.c. area. I bought dozens of records after he introduced me to artists from the Beatles, Zeppelin, Stones, Them, so many more. Wonderful memories and wonderful music.