Friday, February 22, 2013

Bakersfield Radio: Talker Ralph Bailey Quits KNZR

Ralph Bailey
UPDATE 02/25/2013:  Click Here.

Talk radio host Ralph Bailey resigned without warning Thursday from his afternoon show on KNZR 1560 AM, among the top-rated stations in the local market.

Jennifer Self at reports, Bailey could not be reached for comment moments after a posting on his Facebook page announced his departure, but local Buckley Radio General Manager Mary Lou Gunn confirmed Bailey resigned, adding that she wishes him well.

"He was a huge part of the success of the radio station," Gunn said of Bailey's nine-year tenure with Buckley. "He will be hard to replace."

Bailey's Facebook posting: 
"It was with a heavy heart that I tendered my resignation to Buckley Radio today. However, future opportunities and challenges make it virtually impossible not to seek out new adventures. I would like to thank Steve Darnell, Kathy Baker and posthumously Rick Buckley. To my colleagues, I hope I was a team player who made the station and the client top priority and someone who grasped the concept of pulling on one side of the rope. To my sponsors, I hope I played a small role in your success and thank you for your support! And to my listeners, (and you know I'm blubbering like a baby, by now) you gave me a voice in this community! I pray you will travel with me wherever I go!!! Thank you all!! It's been an incredible ride!!!!"
Shortly after 3 p.m., at the scheduled start of Bailey's radio program, fellow KNZR radio host Jaz McKay and producer Tony Whitnack announced Bailey was no longer with the station.

McKay, whose noon-to-3 p.m. program served as the lead-in to Bailey's show, said he noticed a change in his colleague's demeanor in the last week or so and noted Bailey missed two shows last week.

McKay speculated that Bailey might be poised to change careers or could be headed to arch-rival radio station KERN, owned by American General Media.


  1. Even if Ralph was going to jump ship, the manner in which this event has taken place is peculiar. This event has a certain smell to it "can you smell what I am cookin'"? (a Ralphism).The show was pretty much what Ralph appeared to base his entire persona.He really had nothing else in his life to be passionate about.I had a problem with his constant racism and preachyness, but I still listened and enjoyed his show. I am thinking there is something that is going on that has not met the light of day. Ralph is part of our Bakersfield community, a bit of a nincompoop at times, but our nincompoop never the less. If there is some counseling needed, I would hope that his resignation will be put on hold so there can be an attempt to straighten Ralph out. There appears to be a lapse in judgment that has taken place. Let's salvage or attempt to salvage Ralph no matter the end result.

  2. INGA Barks for Mayor!!!!!!

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  4. Raider Ralph is a great Bakers boy. I wish him nothing but the best. As far as the animosity between him and Jaz McKay, I think this is awesome. Being a Dodger fan and Coast to Coast with George Noory fan, which is the only reason I listen to 1560, I think the station is successful. But this new drama between the two radio personalities is great for local talk radio here in our humble home town. I know they will probably put the two against each other at 3pm, but I wish they would put them back to back so I can listen to both and here the daggers that will be surely thrown. I like Ralph because he makes me laugh and he is a Raider fan. I like Jaz because he stands for what old school Bakersfield is really about. I thought the two were great at the station but I agree with Jaz. I will stay listening to 1560 and not follow Ralph over to the other station. Go Raiders!!!

  5. Ralph sucks! But Jazz sucks even more! And Scott Snott sucks even more! And Mark Levin!!!! Theres no word to describe how bad he sucks! So Ill listen to ralph because hes the best of the worst!

  6. Joe The real plumber not the actorFebruary 28, 2013 at 1:34 PM

    Inga Barks?!?
    Inga Barks?! WTF!
    Ya Inga does usually bark. Except when shes around Sean Hannity then she squeels like a little piggy!

  7. I wonder if Ralph quit in the middle of his contract?
    Was the animosity between McKay and Bailey because McKay is still working at KNZR even though he makes so many racist remarks and insinuations?
    What's really goin on Ralph?

  8. Ralph Bailey slipped Inga a roofy!

  9. Does anyone remember when prstons mom died and ralph and puck were fighting on air? It was hillarious! I personally think ralph kind of doesnt have much care for anything other than what is going on for himself only. His show was decent with preston then he went the paris hilton producer route and it slipped.

  10. Wow, ralph works for that crappy station owned by the Californian now!!!! Sorry Ralph, I love you man, but I will not have anything to do with those weasles at the Californian. I wish you well with your future jobs after this one.

    BTW: Did KERN really dump Laura Ingram, to play the Cox show??? If so my wife wont listen to that station anymore either. They lured Bailey because they are loosing money with no advertisers (just like their paper), and hope to pick up some quick money from sponsors helping out Ralphy. But, when they notice the low ratings and leave, Ralph will be of no further use.

  11. Holy crap bakersfield is a joke! Inga? No really Inga? I bet she has less than 300 listeners and thats no joke. Whoever said Inga for mayor is a loony tune. But she would probably be as good as the ribbon cutter we have now! Dumb asses Bakersfield was bumpkin about 100 years ago! Were gangbangersfield now!