Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Report: News Anchor Becomes Homicidal

Rob, Ashley Morrison
6/22/14 UPDATE: Morrison arrested again, Click Here.

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NYC TV anchorman Rob Morrison turned homicidal while in custody for choking his wife early Sunday, promising “he would kill” her once cops turned him loose.

WCBS-TV brass are livid that the “News at Noon” anchor lied to them about how he bruised his face when he showed up for work on Monday, according to the

He “misled station management and has made a horrible situation even worse,” a source said.

Tuesday night, Morrison blamed his arrest on his mother-in-law, whose 911 call from her home in Indiana sent cops to his Connecticut house to defuse the volatile situation.

“Don’t piss off your mother-in-law is the moral of the story,” said Morrison, 44, Tuesday evening as he tried to relax listening to the Grateful Dead’s “Attics of My Life.”

Morrison claimed he initially called his mother-in-law, Martha Risk, hoping she could calm down him and his wife, fellow CBS anchor Ashley Morrison.

Morrison said he and his wife began arguing after watching the romantic comedy “Mystic Pizza,” starring Julia Roberts. He wouldn’t reveal what sparked the fight other than to say it was a “basic disagreement that any family would have.”

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