Monday, November 21, 2022

Another Round of Layoffs Set For Gannett

Gannett’s news division is being hit with another round of layoffs, the company’s third move to slash costs in the last six months, reports

Journalists were informed in a note Thursday from the news division’s new interim head, Henry Faure Walker. It said those affected will be informed Dec. 1 and 2.

The note did not specify a number, but communications chief Lark-Marie Anton said in an email that the target was a 6% reduction. With a headcount of 3,440, that would amount to roughly 200.


Faure Walker said that he had conferred with other executives and decided, “While we have taken several steps already, we must enter the new year in a stronger economic position, and the reality is that our News cost base is currently too high for the revenues it generates.”

After posting a big loss in the second quarter, Gannett laid off more than 400 employees and said it was leaving 400 more open positions vacant. Then in October it imposed a week's unpaid mandatory leave, suspended contributions to 401(k) plans and asked employees to consider a voluntary separation offer.

Those actions were all company wide. Thursday’s was directed just to the news division.

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