Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Christiane Amanpour Gets PBS Late-Night Slot

Christiane Amanpour
Longtime CNN star Christiane Amanpour will permanently replace disgraced Charlie Rose on PBS' late-night schedule, the two networks announced Tuesday.

Accordig to USAToday, Amanpour, 60, will get the 11 p.m. slot for Amanpour & Company, expanded to an hour like Rose's show. Rose was fired by PBS in December after multiple female employees made credible allegations that he sexually harassed or groped them and as the Me Too movement to call out sexual misconduct gained momentum. 

Amanpour will anchor the public-affairs show from London with four contributors — Michel Martin, Walter Isaacson, Alicia Menendez and Hari Sreenivasan — beginning in July. The new show will feature in-depth interviews with global leaders and cultural influencers on topics ranging from politics, business and technology to arts, science and sports.

The new show will replace the current simulcast of Amanpour, her CNN International show, which has been running as an interim replacement for Charlie Rose on PBS stations since he was axed. That show, which has been on CNN International since 2012, also will be expanded. 

Amanpour will continue to be chief international correspondent at CNN, the network where the London-born,Tehran-raised journalist first came to America's attention as an unflappable war correspondent reporting from bombed-out conflict zones around the world.

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