Monday, July 19, 2021

CNN’s Brian Stelter Shredded by His Own Guest

CNN’s Brian Stelter clashed with author Michael Wolff about some specific claims he made in his new book about Fox News on Election Night 2020.

Mediaite's Recap: Wolff’s new book Landslide claims 1) that Fox News’ Bill Hemmer called Trump adviser Jason Miller to give him a heads-up on the network’s impending Arizona call for Joe Biden, and 2) Rupert Murdoch himself greenlit the Arizona call.

Fox News firmly denied both in statements provided to Mediaite, and as many people noted after the excerpts dropped, Hemmer seemed legitimately surprised on-air about the network call.

Stelter — who wrote about Election Night at Fox for the updated version of his book Hoax — weighed in on Twitter saying, “There’s simply no evidence that the Murdochs had anything to do with it, and ample evidence to the contrary.”

So Stelter spoke with Wolff on Reliable Sources Sunday about his reporting and asked him about the Fox denials.

“You say Rupert Murdoch was involved in the election night decision to call Arizona for Biden,” Stelter said. “I’ve never heard such a thing. Fox denies that’s true.”

Wolff interjected and told Stelter, “It is an interesting thing that week after week all you do is question Fox, question its veracity, question its honor, question et cetera et cetera, but suddenly now you think that they might be honest to a fault.”

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