Friday, January 3, 2020

Nashville Radio: Demetria Kalodimos Settles WSMV Lawsuit

Longtime former Channel 4 anchor Demetria Kalodimos has settled a year-old federal lawsuit Thursday that accused her old TV station of age and gender discrimination, reports The Tennessean.

Demetria Kalodimos
As part of the settlement, Kalodimos, 60, and WSMV owner Meredith Local Media Group issued a joint statement in which Channel 4 apologized for her controversial departure two years ago.

At that time, the station declined to offer its star 33-year anchor a new contract.  Kalodimos said then she only got a letter on her desk — "no conversation, no face to face meeting, no thanks."

In Thursday's statement, current station vice president/general manager Rene LaSpina — not at the helm when Kalodimos left — apologized for that.

“We at WSMV sincerely regret the way in which Demetria’s departure was handled. Communication is always a subject for sensitivity and we understand her concerns," LaSpina said.

The statement did not address Kalodimos' specific accusations of age and gender discrimination, nor did either side talk about any payment that might be part of the settlement.

In the statement, WSMV management lauded Kalodimos' contributions to Channel 4.

“Demetria is an important face in the life of WSMV and provided 33 years of talented and dedicated service to its viewers. That is the longest continuously serving anchor in WSMV’s history. She helped the station navigate through the untimely death of WSMV’s former co- anchor, Dan Miller, in 2009, was a tireless advocate for journalistic integrity, and was fearless in upholding the high news standards and traditions of WSMV....,” said Patrick McCreery, President, Meredith Local Media Group.

Kalodimos, in her part of the statement, said she has "sweet memories" of working at Channel 4.

"I am pleased we have mutually resolved our differences. I am looking forward to a new venture in my work life, and to return to journalism after this professional ‘commercial break,’" she said.

In her lawsuit, Kalodimos described WSMV as creating a "hostile environment" that favored men and younger on-air personalities.

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