Thursday, June 20, 2019

The Research Director Unveils 'Exact Age 3.0'

The  Research Director, Inc. announced the unveiling of Exact Age 3.0 for radio stations. 

“The term exact age is a slight misnomer,” says Marc Greenspan, a partner with Research Director, Inc. 

“You will have detailed knowledge of the exact age as well as the gender and ethnicity of the listeners that contribute the most listening to you, your format group, and your competitors. For example, you don’t need to market to Adults 35-44 when your competitor is winning with 37-year-old Hispanic men. It comes down to focus.” 

Charlie Sislen, a partner at Research Director, Inc., adds, “The power of this report, when combined with other tools like our Hot Zip Report, is that it gives you the ability to impact your ratings at a negligible cost. Imagine having this kind of detailed information for every metro radio station plus all appropriate formats in your market. It is a key to success.” 

On June 27th at 2pm ET, Charlie Sislen will host a free webinar that will show how the new Exact Age 3.0 report – in conjunction with Research Director, Inc.’s suite of reports and services – will help you better analyze and grow your ratings.

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