Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Seattle Radio: Hubbard Names Morris, VP/MM, Mahalick OM

Hubbard Radio CEO Ginny Morris has announced that Wheeler Morris has been named VP/Market Manager for Hubbard Radio Seattle. Hubbard Radio operates five radio stations in Seattle: KQMV 92.5 FM (Movin’ 92.5), KNUC 98.9 FM (The Bull), KRWM 106.9 FM (Warm 106.9), KIXI 880 AM and KKNW 1150 AM. In addition, Hubbard Radio operates a 2060 Digital office in Seattle.

In that same announcement, Scott Mahalick has been named Operations Manager for Hubbard Radio Seattle.

Wheeler Morris
Wheeler Morris was most recently the Manager of Corporate Podcasting Strategy for Hubbard Radio. A fourth generation broadcaster, Morris grew up in the media business and has worked for Hubbard Radio in programming and digital content. As Manager of Corporate Podcasting Strategy, Morris led the company’s expansion into the fast-growing podcast space, overseeing content creation, distribution and sales and marketing. Morris is a graduate of Denver University.

“I’m excited to join the great team at Hubbard Radio Seattle and to help continue the success that the strong brands have built over the years,” commented Morris. “I’m especially excited to have an experienced and accomplished partner like Scott Mahalick to lead content and brands. He’s the right person to lead operations.”

Scott Mahalick
Scott Mahalick is a 36 year programming veteran who most recently was Director of Content and Branding for the launch of Hubbard Radio’s 98.9 The Bull in Seattle. Prior to joining Hubbard, Mahalick was the Executive Vice President of Content for Alpha Media. In his new role as Operations Manager, Mahalick will oversee content and branding for Hubbard Radio’s five radio stations in Seattle.

“It brings joy to my heart that we will have the good fortune of Wheeler at the helm of Hubbard Radio Seattle,” commented Mahalick. “Our team deserves a dedicated full time manager focused on our success. I’ve had the advantage of getting to know and work with Wheeler this past year in his capacity as the head of our podcasting efforts. I can tell you he is a people person with great charm, empathy, wicked smart, driven and innovative as they come. Bring it Wheeler!”

Hubbard Radio CEO, Ginny Morris, said, ““We are grateful to Scott for his time as ‘Interim Market Manager’ for Hubbard Radio Seattle. Scott successfully led the team through the transition from ‘business as usual’ to ‘business in a COVID world’ with creativity, grace and good humor.”

“As a family we have been blessed to have four generations of broadcasters in the business,” Morris continued. “What started with my grandfather in 1923 has expanded to a company that now includes a number of his great grandchildren. Wheeler has been learning about this great business since he was a kid…if not from me, from his aunt, uncles, grandfather and all the terrific broadcasters whom he has met along the way.”

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