Friday, February 15, 2019

CRS 2019: Parents, Teens And Country Music

Today Edison Research’s Larry Rosin, Megan Lazovick and Laura Ivey Thursday presented a brand new research study, “Understanding Parents, Teens, and Country Music.”

This special presentation, commissioned by Country Radio Seminar (CRS) for their 50th anniversary, looks at both the present and the future of Country, radio, and how music gets passed down…and up.

This comprehensive study is based upon both a national survey of parents and teens, and also video ethnography of how these two very important groups interact with music, the radio, and each other.

Among the presentation highlights are the following:
  • Nearly half of teenagers say that music is a “bonding activity” with their parents.
  • 60% of teens who listen to Country Music say their parents have gotten them to listen more to Country Music.
  • According to Edison’s industry-leading Share of Ear® study, AM/FM radio remains the top platform for teens, with 63% of 13-19 year-olds listening to radio every day.

Teens were asked to explain what FM radio is, here were some of their responses, as reported by RadioInk:
  • FM radio is for people “your age.”
  • Why would I sit through a ton of ads? The music I like is on my phone.
  • I never listen. I plug in my phone to listen to my own music.
  • Why would I listen to a song I don’t want to listen to? I have Spotify.
Remember, kids have basically grown up with cell phones in their hands.

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