Monday, January 25, 2016

R.I.P.: John Tyler, Founder of Satellite Music Networks

The founder of the Satellite Music Networks, John Tyler, passed away during the weekend.

He started SMN in 1981 was the industry's first satellite-delivered network offering syndicated formats for radio owners.  Affiliate stations, mostly in small and medium markets, could operate their stations virtually unmanned with nothing more than its existing tape-based playback equipment, a computer and a satellite hookup offering high quality air talent that they could never afford.

The concept was the presentation of live, carefully selected and rotated hit music, presented by experienced major market industry veterans over a satellite channel in real time.

SMN had some 300 affiliates within three years and when Tyler sold out to ABC in 1989, the network offered nine different formats.

SMN continues to this day via Cumulus Media's Westwood One.

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