Thursday, May 11, 2017

Radio Host John Tesh Discloses Cancer Battle

John Tesh, who hosts the  syndicated ‘Intelligence For Your Life’ shows, feared radio stations would drop his programs when he was diagnosed with Prostate cancer two years ago.

“When I first got the cancer diagnosis almost two years ago, I was afraid the (radio) stations were going to drop me,” Tesh, 64, explains. “Eventually (Sellecca) said, ‘Why don’t you be honest about this and (tell them) how you’re using your faith along with the medical treatments to get healed. You could really speak to people. It’s this thing where you open up and people can be touched by it in some manner.’ That was a lesson to me that I needed to let people watch this process.”

Tesh, told The Press of Atlantic City, his wife put her career on hold to care for him, just as she did in 1994 when their daughter, Prima, was born. Sellecca quit acting to become a full-time mom.

Despite the cancer treatments, Tesh is still touring with a show that includes many of his music career highlights, like songs from his touchstone 1995 singin’-in-the-rain concert during a downpour at Red Rocks amphitheater in Colorado.

“I’m in the middle of my second round of chemotherapy treatment now. They feel like they got it with surgery, and now they’re sort of ‘washing’ my microscopic cells and stuff (with the chemo),” he says candidly about his illness.

“But it’s a helluva journey. (I was) touring for six months, then on Monday I had chemo in Houston,” he adds. “And then I’m down for two days being very sick, as people who have been through that know. But it’s also a testimony of how to figure out what’s important in your life. I think I have license to tell those stories, and it’s fun to tell them with music.”

Tesh has also learned through personal experience that, no matter how lousy he feels after chemo, there are some cancer patients, especially children, who are in much worse shape.

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