Friday, May 12, 2017

San Diego Radio: Chris Cantore Makes Quick EXIT At Mighty 1090

Chris Cantore
Longtime San Diego radio personality Chris Cantore's stint at XEPRS Mighty 1090 AM has come to a quick end.

According to NBC San Diego, the DJ, whose career up until he joined the AM sports talk station largely focused on music radio, made the announcement on his Facebook page on Wednesday morning.

"Just so you hear it from the source, I am no longer at 1090," Cantore posted.

The Broadcast Company of the Americas hired Cantore in early April to man the 6-9 pm show.

"At this stage of my broadcasting career, nothing excites me more than making the jump to talk radio, and to have that opportunity at a beast of a station like the Mighty 1090," Cantore said on a post on the station's website in April. "Well, I'm beyond grateful. The antithesis of a human sports encyclopedia, I'm just a fan of all San Diego sports and teams -- including action sports -- and hope to bring something different to the airwaves."

According to the, Cantore's show was to be a mix of lifestyle entertainment -- Cantore at one point helmed the UT's Night and Day special section -- and discussions covering surfing, skiing, boarding and other action sports.

Reached via email, Broadcast Company of the Americas vice-president Mike Shepard said the station had "no comment at this time."

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