Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nielsen And CBS Radio Extend Ratings Agreement

Nielsen announced Monday that it has renewed its Nielsen Audio agreement with CBS Radio, one of the largest major-market broadcast media operators in the U.S. Nielsen Audio will provide measurement services to CBS Radio’s 117 stations across 26 markets.

CBS Radio will continue to leverage Nielsen local market insights and currency ratings across all the Portable People Meter™ (PPM) metros where it does business. In addition, it will continue to use Nielsen’s radio diary measurement service in a small number of local markets. Nielsen’s audio data will be used by local stations to tell their success stories and demonstrate radio’s extensive reach. In addition, the portfolio of products and services from Nielsen will enable CBS Radio to have a comprehensive view of the market and make fast and strategic business decisions.

“CBS Radio offers consumers unprecedented access to the content they want to hear including news, entertainment and sports,” said Brad Kelly, Managing Director for Nielsen Audio. “Nielsen Audio provides CBS Radio with trusted and industry-leading solutions that allow them to measure the total audience and reach of their content. We welcome the extension of our agreement as we continue to work together to demonstrate the tremendous value of radio for advertisers.”

CBS Radio will also use the Nielsen Data Management Platform (DMP), a core Nielsen Marketing Cloud application which, for the first time, includes using Nielsen Audio data from Nielsen’s PPM to connect with broadcast listeners through digital channels.

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