Thursday, May 11, 2017

Comey Firing: Colbert Gets Unexpected Audience Reaction

Stephen Colbert
James Comey’s firing was no laughing matter to Stephen Colbert — but his audience thought otherwise.

The funnyman appeared flummoxed Tuesday night by his “Late Show” crowd’s jubilant reaction to the news that President Trump gave the FBI director a pink slip.

“Huge story that broke just minutes ago, less than 10 minutes ago. FBI Director James Comey has just been fired by Donald Trump,” Colbert said on the show.

“Huge, huge Donald Trump fans here tonight,” said the fierce Trump critic, who explained that the president owed Comey a debt of gratitude for helping him win the White House.

The crowd apparently viewed the top lawman’s demise as great news, after he angered Democrats by announcing in late October that emails related to Hillary Clinton had been found, the Free Beacon reported.

Colbert went on to tell his audience that Comey was leading an FBI probe into possible ties between the Russians and Trump’s campaign.

And when he said that Comey was axed at the recommendation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the people booed — much to Colbert’s obvious satisfaction.

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