Saturday, June 18, 2016

Nielsen: Today's Dad Likes His Radio

Over the past year, 73% of dads have shopped at an electronic store, according to Nielsen-Scarborough.

Interestingly, when it comes to purchasing electronics, dads are not bound to a particular type of store. During the past 12 months, roughly a third of dads have shopped for electronics at either an online, electronic or discount store.

While dads are heavy users of technology devices with 96% owning a smartphone and 75% owning a tablet, they also enjoy watching television. On average, dads with children in the home spend more than four hours per day watching TV (live TV, time-shifted viewing and connected devices).  News, Sporting Events, Comedies and General Variety, which includes late night talk shows and reality shows, are the top program genres to reach dads.

In a sweeping new statistical analysis that defines the modern dad, Nielsen-Scarborough found that on a weekly basis, men 18+ with children 12 and under spend nearly 14 hours per week listening to the radio. This comes according to Nielsen Audio data from fall 2015.

With more than three-fourths of the dads working, it’s not surprising that they prefer to listen during morning drive, and nearly 80% of their listening occurs outside of the home.

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