Friday, April 5, 2019

The Bezos Divorce, She's Worth $36B

Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos agreed to a divorce settlement that reduces his stake in Inc. but leaves the chief executive with voting control over Ms. Bezos’ share.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the settlement solved a lingering question about what would happen to Mr. Bezos’ stake, the largest in the company, following the couple’s announcement in January that their marriage was ending after 25 years.

Amazon is the third-largest company by market capitalization, behind Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

Mr. Bezos will retain 75% of the shares he owns with Ms. Bezos, she said Thursday on Twitter . Ms. Bezos will get the rest after the couple’s divorce decree is approved by a court, according to an Amazon securities filing.

Mr. Bezos has a 16.1% stake in Amazon, according to FactSet. The tweets and the regulatory filing Thursday make clear Mr. Bezos will retain voting control of that stake, even as 4% of the company shares will be registered in Ms. Bezos’ name.

Mr. Bezos also will retain voting rights over any additional shares Ms. Bezos receives through a stock split or dividend.

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If Ms. Bezos transfers her shares, other than selling them in the open market or donating them, she is required to have the recipient enter into a voting

Based on the company’s current stock price, Ms. Bezos’ stake would be valued at more than $35 billion, affirming her status as one of the richest women in the world.

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