Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Report: Concerns Arise For Alternative Rock Format

In private meetings across America at corporate radio headquarters there is a simmering concern about the current state of Alternative Rock Radio, according to an open memo to Alternative Rock Radio from Dave Van Dyke, President at Bridge Ratings.

While there are exceptions certainly, the concern lies in the format’s growth and its ability to attract increasing audience and revenues.

Accoridng to Van Dyke, this heightened state of alert (DEFCON 3) by some brings to light some of the latest perceptual information Bridge Ratings has uncovered in recent months.

Dave Van Dyke
Dave Van Dyke’s latest “Navigate the Future” blog focuses on what may be ailing one of radio’s most exciting and adventurous music formats.

Do the ratings companies properly represent the format’s audience? If not, what to do?
Increasing cume audience can improve the format’s prospects, but what is the best way to achieve this?

Is “mass appeal” a negative?

This and more in the latest “Navigate the Future” blog. Click here and click on the new “Navigate the Future” link.

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