Saturday, June 10, 2017

Buffalo Radio: Legendary Personalities Set To Join WECK

John Zach isn't the only local radio legend joining WECK AM 1230 &  W275BB 102.9 FM next month under the live and local programming lineup being put together under new owner Buddy Shula.

Buddy Shula
According to The Buffalo News, Shula, whose real name is William Ostrander, announced today that Harv Moore, Jon Summers, Gail Ann Huber and Danny Neaverth will have roles on July 10 when WECK becomes a 24-hour, full-service radio station with local and national news and locally programmed adult music.

As previously announced, Zach will be the station's news director and morning news anchor.

Huber, who spent 14 years in the mornings at WYRK, will join morning co-host Tom Donahue in the newly titled "Good Morning Buffalo with Tom, Gail and John Zach."

Summers, who recently left Channel 7's "AM Buffalo" after 27 years, will host from 9 a.m. to noon.

Moore, best known for the "Taylor & Moore" morning program on WYSL and WPHD, will host from noon to 3 p.m. His former on-air partner, Robert W. Taylor, will be WECK's imaging voice.

Mike Jacobs, who has worked at several stations in Buffalo, will be the host from 3 to 7 p.m.

WECK 1230 AM (1 Kw)
W275BB 102.9 FM (220 watts)
Neaverth, who had a morning career of more than 40 years at WKBW and WHTT, will work Friday afternoons on a show titled “Danny Moves Your Friday Fanny.”

Shula, who was a marketing executive for Buffalo Entercom stations before buying WECK, will host in the evening.

The key question is how can Shula afford all the talent, even if the legends work for much less than they did when they were at the height of their careers and are just doing it to get back in the game and to have fun.

"I'm going to pay them by selling more advertising," said Shula.

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