Monday, December 5, 2016

Miami Radio: 'Young' Ron Brewer Sets WBGG Retirement

Paul & Young Ron
It'll be the end of an era in the South Florida radio business as Ron Brewer announced this morning that he is retiring from the popular "Paul & Young Ron Show" on Classic Hits WBGG 105.9 FM.

Brewer made the announcement this morning that he is stepping away from the radio show that he has co-hosted with Paul Castronovo since 1990. Brewer says his last day on the show will be December 16.

“I’ll miss radio, but I’m looking forward to not being on a schedule after getting up at 3:30 a.m. all these years," Brewer said. "I don’t have any specific plans, maybe I’ll buy an RV, but I’m going to enjoy life and fulfill some bucket list items."

The announcement came during an 8 a.m. pause in the morning banter with longtime partner. The news apparently came as a surprise to Castronovo, who maintained a jocular tone while peppering Brewer with questions.

“I’m confused and blindsided,” Castronovo said after the announcement, which was shown live on the duo’s Facebook page. Clearing his throat, Castronovo acknowledged “I'm getting a little choked up here.”

The "Paul & Young Ron Show" first debuted on WSHE back in 1990, moving around the dial until ending up at BIG 105.9 where it's been since 2004.

“It's certainly the end of an era; an unprecedented 26-year run for Young Ron and myself. We sure have had a lot of laughs over the years, and that's what its always been about." said about the retirement of his long-time partner.

The next two weeks of the “Paul and Young Ron Show” will be dedicated to honoring Brewer, Castronovo said, including a “blowout” for the final show, which will be open to the public at a broadcast site to be determined.

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