Wednesday, September 26, 2018

NAB Issues Sobering Comments With FCC

The NAB has filed comments with the FCC regarding competition in the audio programming marketplace. It is part of the commission’s preparation of a congressionally-required communications marketplace report.

According to RadioWorld, The NAB describes the audio marketplace, from its perspective, as “dynamic” rather than challenging.

The comments state, “While today AM and FM radio still account for 50% of daily time spent listening to audio sources for those ages 13+, well ahead of any other single audio platform, total time spent listening to AM/FM radio on a weekly basis has been heading downward.”

Several additional statistics pointed to paint a less-than-bright picture: “Teens ages 12–17 spend much less total time than adults listening to AM/FM radio and their listening also fell from 2014–2017. Consumers under age 35 also are considerably less likely than older ones to own radios in their homes.”

Much of the commentary involves laying out the current audio marketplace, of which the NAB notes that “digital technologies have significantly expanded the number of audio content providers and the marketplace choices available to listeners.”

This expansion within the marketplace has led to changes in the marketplace for both listenership and advertising. The comments likewise note that the ad market has seen similar seismic shifts with advertisers taking advantage of an explosion in digital advertising options that did not exist a decade ago. This has come at the expense of radio and, especially, print media.

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