Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Austin Radio: Yogurt Company Sues Alex Jones

Alex Jones
An ongoing child custody battle is not the only legal entanglement involving Austin broadcaster Alex Jones this week. On Monday, Greek yogurt manufacturer Chobani filed a lawsuit against the host of Infowars, reports the Austin Statesman-American.

According to the Associated Press: Chobani says that Jones and his InfoWars website posted fabricated stories earlier this month that linked Chobani owner Hamdi Ulukaya and the company to a sexual assault case involving refugee children. The company filed the lawsuit in Idaho District Court in Twin Falls, where it operates the largest yogurt plant in the world.

Chobani’s lawyers also pointed to other examples of what they called “spurious statements” by Jones in the past, including his conspiracy theories about the 9/11 attacks and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting massacre.

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According to AP, the suit says Infowars released a video in April describing “Chobani's practice of hiring refugees and a sexual assault case that did not involve the yogurt company.”

The video was promoted using the headline ‘Idaho Yogurt Maker Caught Important Migrant Rapists,' even though the lawsuit points out that InfoWars didn't mention or prove that statement in the report. The story was tweeted out by Jones and other outlets.

Chobani, which alleges that the Infowars statements caused a boycott of its products, is seeking $10,000 in damages, according to AP.

In Jones’ custody case Monday, an expert witness retained by the court told the jury that he found no evidence that the broadcaster had sought to alienate their three children from his ex-wife. Judge Orlinda Naranjo also denied a motion for a mistrial by lawyers for Jones for the second time. The case has garnered national attention, as lawyers for Jones have attempted to argue that his on-air persona is a character, while Jones’ ex-wife, Kelly, contends that he is unstable. Last week, the Infowars host testified that he means what he says on his show, though he indulges in satire and comedy, as well.

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