Friday, October 10, 2014

CA Radio: Alpha Media To Acquire Buckley Stations

Alpha Media of Portland, OR announced today they have entered into a definitive agreement to purchase radio stations from Buckley Broadcasting of California and Buckley Communications.

Buckley Broadcasting and Buckley Communications own six radio stations:
  • Groove KKBB-FM is an Oldies Class B1 on 99.3 MHz with 10 kW @ 390’ licensed to Bakersfield
  • KNZR-AM is a Talk Class A on 1560 kHz with 25 kW-D, 10 kW-N, DAN, licensed to Bakersfield
  • KNZR-FM is a Talk Class A on 97.7 MHz with 4.1 kW @ 397, licensed to Shafter
  • Kelly KLLY-FM is a Hot AC Class B1 on 95.3 MHz with 12.5 kW @ 463’, licensed to Oildale
  • KUBB-FN is a Country Class B on 96.3 MHz with 1.9 kW @ 2,096’, licensed to Mariposa
  • KHTN-FM is a Hip Hop Class B on 104.7 MHz with 1.95 kW @ 2,080’, licensed to Planada
The Alpha Media portfolio will grow to 74 stations, upon closing.

Larry Wilson
Larry Wilson, Chairman of Alpha Media will add the Buckley clusters to the seventy stations (which includes two under LMAs) currently in the Alpha Media portfolio when all pending deals are completed, bringing the total number of stations owned by Alpha Media to seventy-four.

Commenting on the acquisition, Wilson said, “The Buckley clusters in California will be a great addition to the west coast footprint. Merced is a unique city with a thriving arts scene and adventurous community. As one of the fastest growing regions in the nation, Bakersfield is a rich and vibrant city full of live and local opportunities.”

Joseph Biolotta
Joseph Bilotta, President and CEO of Buckley Broadcasting and Communications said, “In Alpha we will pass the mantle and stewardship of our broadcast facilities in Bakersfield and Merced, CA. We have owned these wonderful stations for over 20+ years and our employees, audiences and advertising partners will benefit from the energy and considerable resources of this multi-dimensional media and entertainment company headed by Larry Wilson.”

This transaction will be filed with the Federal Communications Commission shortly and is subject to their approval. Richard A. Foreman Associates, Inc. was the broker for Buckley Broadcasting and Buckley Communications.

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