Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Longtime Radio Talker Neil Boortz Is Now 'Semi-Retired'

Neil Boortz
Talk radio personality Neal Boortz is getting back to the mic.

After four decades of broadcasting Boortz left the daily grind 18-months ago.  And although he says he's not working daily, he has 'somethings' he wants to say.

So Boortz is joining ConnectPal.com, the new digital venture headed by former Premiere Networks syndicated host Andy Dean.

Boortz, a 2009 National Radio Hall of Fame honoree, says he plans to offer his show “2-3 times a week” for his ConnectPal subscribers at $4.99 a month.

Commenting on why he opted to park his RV every now and then to join the new digital platform’s lineup Boortz said, “After stepping down from full-time radio last year, I was looking for a platform to podcast and there is only one good choice – ConnectPal. I get to do shows however I want, whenever I want, and I set my price for my work. My new show will offer the painful truth about current events and I am an equal opportunity offender — so no one is safe.”

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