Wednesday, October 8, 2014

R.I.P. AK Radio Personality Marvell Johnson Found Murdered

Marvell Johnson
Long-time KSKA 91.1 FM host Marvell Johnson was shot and killed on Tuesday. His foster son, Peter John Henry, is being charged with murder, according to Alaska Public Media.

According to a police department release, a student reported the shooting to a school police officer early Tuesday morning. When officers arrived at Johnson’s house, they found him dead in his bedroom from several gunshot wounds.

Henry, Johnson’s 16-year-old foster child, was asleep in another room. When questioning Henry, the police learned the boy was angry with Johnson for grounding him because he used the drug Spice and because Johnson took his vapor cigarette charger. Henry allegedly tried to make the shooting look like a robbery. He emptied Johnson’s wallet and left it in front of the house and stole other items.

Henry has been charged as an adult and is being held without bail.

64-year-old Johnson hosted Soul-to-Soul on KSKA for 35 years. On the show, Johnson seemlessly flowed between new and old soul music.

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