Thursday, October 9, 2014

Shazam For Radio Ready To Launch

Rich Riley
Shazam and Sun Broadcast Group today announced they have entered into a new digital partnership, in a groundbreaking move to change how listeners consume and interact with radio. The partnership will enable the launch of Shazam’s latest platform integration, Shazam for Radio.

Shazam for Radio will be a full-service localized product provided to stations, allowing them to create totally customized, interactive content for their listeners and advertisers. Shazam will also power all of Sun’s national programming allowing listeners to get second screen content live and in real time as they listen to the radio.

“Shazam users are already shazaming music on the radio millions of times each day,” said Rich Riley, CEO, Shazam. “Our partnership with Sun gives radio stations the opportunity to deliver customized content experiences to their audiences while creating new revenue streams for the stations and their advertisers.”

Jason Bailey
“When I started Sun six years ago, my goal was to truly make a difference in this industry” said Jason Bailey, CEO of Sun Broadcast Group. “This partnership is one that came from the two most sincere questions we asked ourselves when we started Sun...’What’s best for listeners?’ and ‘How do we secure the future of radio in this new digital world?’ Shazam’s 100 million monthly active users will now be able to connect and interact with their favorite radio shows in the most incredible way ever. I couldn’t be more excited to finally see this become a reality.”

In addition to the local and national interactive content, Sun and Shazam will be producing hyper-local national countdown shows for multiple formats based on unique Shazam results in each station’s market. The Shazam Top 40 will also contain interactive content allowing listeners to connect with the show using Shazam on their phone and desktop.

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