Friday, October 10, 2014

Report: Millennials Go To 'Vice' For News Most

The younger millennials are the digital natives, a strange species first identified back in the last century. Now it’s out of high school, in college and in the workforce. And accoridng to Nieman Lab, digital natives don’t see much use in print, especially packaged news as stale as day-old bread. Move up the age ranks into the early thirties, and Nieman can see millennials’ uneven reading habits relating to legacy media.

Prepared with data from Comscore, Nieman has ranked 15 representative news sites by the percentage of their unique visitors who are millennials.

It’s little surprise that Vice (54.3 percent) and Buzzfeed (52.9 percent) top the list. They are the only ones that can count more than half of their monthly unique visitors as 18 to 34. Then Slate (47.1 percent) follows them; it’s appealed to millennials even before the newest sites grabbed the spotlight. Interestingly, Vox is pulling a lot of older readers in addition to millennials who make up 37.2 percent of readership. Two magazines, tech-native Wired (44.2 percent) and in-motion Time (42.4 percent), find lots of young web readers.

Among national/global newspaper-based companies, The Guardian leads the pack, followed by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Thirty percent of the Journal’s online audience is millennials.

Among the cable news competitors, MSNBC leads the pack (34.2 percent), followed by CNN (32.7 percent) and Fox (29.8 percent).

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