Friday, March 11, 2016

St. Louis Radio: Dino Costa Debuts On Sports KFNS Monday

There’s about to be a new morning mouth on local radio. And if you listen to Dino Costa, he’ll be THE Mouth in the Morning in St. Louis.

Costa, an outspoken host who mixes conservative political opinions with his takes on sports, is set to man the morning drive-time slot at KFNS 590 AM beginning Monday.

According to, he is riding in from the Cowboy State, where he has been doing his show on the Internet, and is full of bravado, brusqueness and confidence.

KFNS 590 AM (1 Kw DA-2) Red=Local
“If I don’t dominate this market in a year, I will crawl on hands and knees back to Wyoming,” he said this week. “They’ve got some nice little shows on sports radio here. But they’re ham-and-eggers for the most part. The worst thing that ever happened to other people in sports radio is the arrival of Dino Costa. The salad days are over. I have nothing personal against any of these guys but I have to destroy them, I will destroy them, and I will dominate this market. I will be No. 1. I’m so confident of this, it’s already happened in my mind.”

Costa, 52, is an East Coast native who has worked in numerous markets, including Denver, Jacksonville, Fla., as well as Wheeling and Huntington, W.Va. His most prominent job was on Sirius XM Radio, for which he has a show for five years. He also has made TV guest appearances on Fox News.

He said he’s ready for St. Louis, and already is taking shots at what will be two of his competitors in the morning sports-talk fray.

“The market is wide open, and based upon what I’ve been able to glean it’s time to take the training wheels off,” said Costa, who is to be on from 6-9 a.m. weekdays. “I don’t believe there is one single must-listen-to show. That’s a sad commentary. I think this market is ready for what I’m bringing, a radical departure from the status quo. I look forward to providing a show every day that is going to quickly become destination radio for people who are looking for the most candid and entertaining sports-talk radio available in the city of St. Louis.”

KFNS management is putting much stock in Costa. He also has been named the station’s director of programming and content.

Costa already has dumped Dan Patrick’s national show, which he calls “very bland. It’s the same show every day. ... We were not able to sell it.” It is being replaced by a Blues-specific program hosted by Dave Rapp that is to run from 9-11 a.m. weekdays, then become a general sports-talk program after the Blues’ season ends. (Rapp, along with Matt Berger, have been in the spot Costa will take. Berger is moving to 8-10 p.m.) Costa also plans to add a year-round Cardinals program.

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