Thursday, March 5, 2015

L-A Radio: Report..Lisa May, Doc Forced Out By Kevin&Bean

Lisa May
Two recent departures from the Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ 106.7 FM have irked many longtime listeners.

First it was announced longtime newsman Boyd R. Britton was out the door.  Then, traffic reporter Lisa May was gone.

Technically, it was not a firing, according to LA Daily News,  Lisa May worked for Total Traffic, the company that supplies traffic reports to KROQ, and management simply decided to cancel the contract for traffic reports.

Or at least, based on initial reports and statements made on the air, it was assumed to be management.

Doc On The ROQ
Turns out, reports Richard Wagoner at the Daily News,  it was Kevin and Bean themselves who made the decision to terminate both Britton and May. The logic being that no one tunes in to KROQ for news or traffic, and it was time to take the show in a fresh new direction, in an never-ending quest for younger demos.

However, May was far more than traffic. She was indeed an integral part of the program. May has been with the show almost since its inception back in 1990. She’s funny, intelligent and a perfect partner for Kevin and Bean. So that “new direction” means no news and a new partner, Allie MacKay, who most recently worked with the KTLA Channel 5 Morning News as a lifestyle reporter.

Listeners are not sitting by idly. A “Boycott KROQ until Lisa May Comes Back” Facebook page appeared merely two days after she was let go, and there are online petitions to get her back. One on had the message “We’re Out Without Lisa May” ... #WOWLisaMay.

May’s own Facebook page has been swamped with posts from fans offering support, while posts on KROQ’s page have been harshly critical of the decision — with KROQ staffers seemingly busy removing said posts as quickly as they can. Fans of Britton (who was known as “Doc on the Roq”) are ticked off as well, posting that mornings will not be the same.

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