Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Money, Ocasek Tribute Shows Available For Free

SuiteRadio and Envision Networks® are offering tribute radio specials of Eddie Money and Rick Ocasek of The Cars for FREE to any station that wants to air them. Each tribute is being shared as a sample of the forthcoming radio show called “Long Live Rock.”

Each tribute features 6 songs with nationally recognized radio personality Donna Mackenzie sharing stories of the “Money Man” and Ocasek. The special is fully produced and played together offer an hour’s worth of programming that includes all local commercial time available for radio stations to sell.

The intention of Long Live Rock is to recognize the contributions of our most beloved rock stars and their importance to the history of music.

“Unfortunately, we’re entering a cycle during which we’re likely to see more of rock’s most influential players leave the stage for the last time,” said SuiteRadio COO, Pat Fant. “SuiteRadio is well equipped to tell their stories should the need arise. So, we're on it and we'll share.”

Donna McKenzie is a Texas Radio Hall of Famer and afternoon host on the nationally syndicated The Rock. Donna also gained fame on the legendary KLOL-FM in Houston.

Contact Envision Networks at or call 216.831.3761 to secure the tribute specials.

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