Tuesday, September 24, 2019

LaMusica Ranked #1 Hispanic Streaming Site, App

The LaMusica digital platform has been identified as the Top Hispanic-focused online streaming site as well as the Top Hispanic radio app among Latino users, according to a recently published study, "Report About the State of Digital Audio in the U.S. Hispanic Market 2019."

Owned and operated by Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc., LaMusica's digital platform offers live audio and video streaming of the nation's top-rated Hispanic radio stations as well as a daily variety of exclusive digital content including current events vignettes, celebrity interviews, podcasts, expertly curated playlists and world premier music videos.

The Report identified LaMusica as the #1 ranked Hispanic-targeted online platform from among a list of generic music streaming sites that included YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Google Play, iTunes, iHeart, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Uforia, Deezer and others. In addition, Latino users chose LaMusica as their favorite Hispanic radio app.

The newly released Report, drawing upon hundreds of in-depth respondent interviews, focused on identifying the digital audio consumption habits of the U.S. Hispanic market, including the content preferences of Spanish-speaking users as well as the purchasing characteristics of consumer products and services advertised in digital audio environments.

Among other documented findings, the study reported that 62% of the respondents listened to radio or music on the internet with a majority of 80.3% of the participants identifying smartphones as their primary tool for consuming digital audio. In addition, 60% of the respondents consider listening to digital audio an important or very important part of their day.

"LaMusica's top ranking in this report demonstrates the power of our brand and our growing audience across all digital platforms," stated Bianca Alarcón, Head of Content Development at LaMusica. "The Hispanic community has a deep cultural connection to music and LaMusica is today's ideal vehicle for experiencing the fascinating world of Latin entertainment. Our ranking as the top Hispanic-targeted streaming site among Latino users comes after years of hard work leveraging our leading station brands while building a unique mobile and digital entertainment platform. We see continued strong growth for the LaMusica brand in the years to come and are excited to continue delivering innovative and engaging experiences to our rapidly expanding user base," she added.

The top ranking for LaMusica comes at a time of impressive growth for SBS' digital properties:

• LaMusica's combined digital and mobile streaming audience has eclipsed 1.3 million unique listeners per month
• Active LaMusica users have grown + 52% compared to last year
• LaMusica's audio sessions total 14 million per month across its terrestrial, playlist and podcast categories
• LaMusica reaches over 1.8 million people with over 5.2 million streaming hours per month
• LaMusica's combined social media following recently surpassed 30 million users
**Source: Audio.ad and Qriously, 2019

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