Wednesday, September 12, 2018

'Playboy' To Issue Quarterly Starting In 2019

Playboy will become a quarterly magazine in 2019 — cutting back from its current six-issues-a-year format, the company announced.

The adult entertainment company has also unwrapped plans to open a new Playboy Club in New York, reports The NYPost.

The re-entry into the brick-and-mortar club business is the brainchild of chief executive Ben Kohn, who is trying to rebrand the empire founded by Hugh Hefner for the 21st century.

Kohn has been pushing the company more aggressively into licensing in recent years — with some success. Playboy’s distinctive bunny ears are now licensed on a wide array of consumer products from coffee mugs to wallets and apparel, generating roughly $1.5 billion in retail sales in 180 countries.

Kohn was never a fan of the magazine that was once the cornerstone of the empire and cut its frequency in 2018 from 10 times a year to six. Despite trimming the magazine’s frequency to four times a year in 2019, Kohn has no plans to eliminate the print edition.

He hopes the switch to a quarterly production schedule will allow Playboy to double the amount of ad pages — to 220 per issue.

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