Wednesday, June 14, 2017

St. Louis Radio: New Country 92.3's Kelly Fostering Unborn Birds

Kelly from Arnold, part of the Hubbard St. Louis New Country WIL 92.3 FM Home Team of Bud and Broadway, has reached more than 100,000 New Country followers in the past week on Phoebe Cam!

The internet was taken by storm with April the giraffe. Kelly noticed that a bird nested outside of her house laying two eggs. The next day, there were two more DIFFERENT eggs in the nest. Kelly named the bird Phoebe and started a live stream on the New Country 92.3 Facebook page, now more than 100,000 followers are watching a bird...sitting on her nest. Several followers have suggested that a Cow Bird has laid her eggs for Phoebe to raise.

Bud and Broadway have NO idea what the bird is...or why SO many are addicted to watching a bird, sit on a nest. But it's been a blast to talk about on the air. A local "bird expert" will appear on the show Tuesday morning to fill the show in - HINT: it was local non-profit World Bird Sanctuary! (see attached photo).

Bud and Broadway are going to ask followers to name the baby birds and some are placing bets to see if the bigger birds will kick the little birds out of the nest.

Join the fun on the Phoebe Cam at

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