Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trouble For Disney-ABC's 'Bachelor In Paradise'

The entire fourth season of ABC's Bachelor In Paradise may be scrapped following allegations of "misconduct" on the set. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the cast of the new season has been sent home from the resort in Mexico where filming was taking place and the network has launched an internal investigation into what happened.

Sources say that a producer who suspected misconduct on the set reported it to his or her supervisor at Warner Bros TV, which immediately suspended production. One source said there is no truth to rumors that a lawsuit was filed against the show's producers. Although cast members were told they "might" return, it's been reported that the show is done for this season and perhaps for good.

The incident in question was said to be a sexual encounter between two cast members who were intoxicated at the time. It took place on the first day of production and there are reports that a crime may have been committed.

The contestants involved are said to be DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios, although that has yet to be confirmed.

Cast members began commenting on the situation as they returned home Monday (June 12th), with Robby Hayes tweeting, "What happens in paradise, stays in paradise. #NoComment."
  • Contestant Derek Peth appeared to be disturbed by the fan response to the unfolding situation, tweeting, "My heart has been breaking all day. I'm constantly blown away by how horrible most of you are."
  • Raven Gates, a runner-up on a recent season of The Bachelor who was appearing in the new show, said she was "heartbroken," while fellow Bachelor veteran Danielle Lombard added, "Absolutely devastated."
Bachelor In Paradise, which reunites former contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in new relationships, was scheduled to begin airing on August 8th.

Corrine Olympios, DeMario Jackson
According to The NYPost, contestant Corinne Olympios has reportedly hired an attorney, blaming the producers of the “Bachelor” spinoff for letting a sexual encounter with fellow cast member DeMario Jackson go too far following a day of drinking, sources close to the reality star tell TMZ.

Olympios and Jackson allegedly engaged in sexual conduct while on the premises of a Mexican resort during the filming of “Bachelor in Paradise” over the weekend. Though Jackson is said to remember the tryst — “rubbing and touching” — Olympios says she cannot remember, claiming her castmates informed her the following day.

While Olympios alleges contestants expressed their concerns for her safety to the crew, production insiders insist the cast did not approach the staff.

People previously reported Jackson engaged in sexual activity with a woman who was too intoxicated to consent. According to those with knowledge of the footage, however, it appears Olympios was “fully engaged.”

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