Thursday, June 15, 2017

Rush: CNN Goes Low- Key In Shooting Coverage

Radio Talk Host Rush Limbaugh used his show Wednesday not only to discuss the shooting at a gathering of Republican congressmen in Virginia, but also to discuss CNN’s coverage of the alleged gunman.

James T. Hodgkinson, 66, of Belleville, Ill., has been identified as the alleged shooter who wounded five people — including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-La. — before being shot and killed by Capitol Police.

As more news about the alleged shooter’s anti-Trump and anti-Republican social media posts has surfaced, Limbaugh said CNN’s coverage of Hodgkinson mentioned very little of it.

“CNN is not very interested in who this guy is,” Limbaugh said. “They will show his driver’s license and picture, occasionally, but any history of the guy’s deep devotion to various media celebrities, various media broadcasts, publications, his tweet history and all of that that we’ve shared with you, CNN viewers are not getting. CNN viewers are actually being given a high dose of the Republicans and Democrats coming together on the House floor today after the event. “

According to, Limbaugh said the lack of information being given by the network about Hodgkinson, other than a brief mention that he once volunteered for Sen. Bernie Sanders during Sanders’ presidential campaign in Iowa, is not a surprise.

“It’s not curious at all that CNN would basically want to say, ‘Hey, the guy that did the shooting? No big deal! It’s how we’re coming together that matters,'” Limbaugh said. “It’s not a shock to me.”

But Limbaugh said that if today’s situation were reversed, and a Republican supporter shot at Democratic congressmen, the coverage would be completely different.

CNN Graphic
“You know, you look at it the other way around. I don’t even want to allude to the possibility. I don’t even want to put it out there. But if you did a 180 on this and everything happened the opposite of the way it did, the only thing you’d be seeing on CNN is a never-ending profile of the shooter as negative and penetrating as they could make it,” Limbaugh said.

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  1. So how did a guy with a criminal record get a gun legally? Government workers really don't care, same with that little twit in Charleston SC, neither should have had weapons.