Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Seattle Radio: Kirby Wilbur Returning To KVI

Kirby Wilbur
Talk host Kirby Wilbur, who has filled in occasionally for Sean Hannity and was also chair of the Washington State Republican Party following his departure from KVI 570 AM in November 2009, will be returning to that station on Jan. 4.

After his stint as the GOP state chair, he moved to Virginia where he worked with young journalism students at the National Journalism Center. He has occasionally done fill-in on the air, including a three-day fill-in last week for KVI’s John Carlson.

During more than a decade with the station – a pioneer station in conservative talk radio – Wilbur earned a reputation for holding liberals accountable for failed policies and programs.

KVI 570 AM (5 Kw)
He was and remains particularly pro-Second Amendment, having served on the board of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, a leading national gun rights organization.

During his years as the morning drive-time host at KVI, Wilbur was a leading voice for conservative politics in a city that many feel has tilted so far to the extreme left that it needs “adult supervision.”

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