Thursday, June 12, 2014

WV Radio: Bad Weather Fells WCMI Tower

Kindred Communications lost a 400-foot radio tower Tuesday night when the tower for rock WCMI 92.7 FM The Planet and for WCMI 1340 AM, was blown down by the storms which ripped throughout the Tri-State region of West Virginia, southern Ohio and eastern Kentucky on Tuesday, June 10, leaving thousands without power, according to

The tower is located in South Point, Ohio, in a remote location in the Lawrence County. There were no injuries or additional damage from the tower’s collapse last night, and crews were on the scene within two hours once management was informed of the problem. However, damage from the storm had to be removed from the access road to the tower first before the repairs could be started.

The Planet will continue on low power until the tower is repaired, and listeners are reminded they can go to The Planet’s website,

WCMI 92.7 FM (2.5Kw) 60dBu Coverage
“This is the first time in my 45 yeas in radio I have seen a tower brought down by severe weather,” Kindred Communications President Mike Kirtner said.

“We are happy to report there were no injuries, and our crews will be working to restore The Planet 92.7 FM to full power as soon as possible.”

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